IV: Beading

Last week, I was lucky enough to take a class at Pratt Fine Arts Center with master beader David Chatt. It was such an amazing experience and has really opened my eyes to the the art and history of beaded objects. David is an amazing teacher and was super patient with me (I was the only beginner in the class) as I learned the basics. 

I spend a lot of time teaching at Pratt and it was a great change of pace to be a student again! 

III: New Studio!

Last Fall, John and I had the opportunity to move into a studio together. Located on the south end of downtown Seattle, we are surrounded a diverse, international community, amazing food, and all around great location. We have put countless hours into renovating and cleaning the space and could not be more excited to have this new space to share with each other. 

II: Second Beach

Much of the inspiration for my work comes from time spent in nature. Last weekend, we spent four days on the Olympic Peninsula at Second Beach. Located in La Push, Washington, Second Beach is a secluded destination perfect for taking a little time away from the city. Living in Seattle is rewarding in so many ways, but perhaps the greatest reward is living so close to the Peninsula, where I've able to explore the landscapes, booming wildlife, and ocean tides.


Hi and thanks for checking out my blog! I'm excited to have a new place to share ideas, adventures, and inspiration with you. 

Earlier this summer, I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks at one of my favorite places, Pilchuck Glass School. Hidden deep in the foothills of the Cascades, attending a session at Pilchuck is like hitting the "reset" button, giving yourself the opportunity to stop, focus, and grow. This school has greatly impacted my studio practice and has provided me with numerous opportunities as i continue to develop my work. While there, I was surrounded by so many wonderful people, including my love, John Hogan, and one of our best friends, Alex Krueger.  Take a look at some photos from our time there and don't forget to check out their work!

John Hogan

Alex Krueger