XI: January Update

Hello 2018!! I currently have work in two separate exhibitions locally and will be part of a panel discussion at the Bellevue Art Museum this coming week! I am thrilled to be included in both of these shows alongside established and emerging artists from the region. 

Making our Mark / Bellevue Art Museum / November 10, 2017- April 15, 2018

"Making our Mark is a commemorative exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Pratt Fine Arts Center. Named after local civil rights leader Edwin T. Pratt and located in the historically diverse Central District of Seattle, the center has a mission to provide access to high quality visual arts training for all....

This exhibition is a collaboration between Bellevue Arts Museum and Pratt Fine Arts Center, and features work from nearly 300 talented teaching artists throughout the organization’s influential history. Both Bellevue Arts Museum and Pratt Fine Arts Center hold educational values at the core of their mission, and are dedicated to promoting emerging talent in art, craft, and design."

Nothing Compares to You / True Love Gallery / January 11- March 4, 2018

Nothing Compares to You is a mixed-media showcase featuring the work of more than thirty local artists. Come see glass and metal sculptural work alongside two dimensional pieces, all exploring ideas around love and intimacy. Curated by Ashley Perez."