As I move further into this time at Pilchuck, I wanted to take the time to thank the different businesses that are helping me to make this time possible! Through their generous donations of supplies, I am able to work to my full potential during this residency!

I am thrilled to be sponsored by:

Angel Gilding-  Incredibly knowledgeable group of people who specialize in glass silvering kits

HIS Glassworks- Great place to look for any and all of your cold working needs

Reyzist - The BEST high-detail Photomasking film and sandblasting supply

Uroboros- Flat glass distributer with an incredible amount of variety and super helpful staff

In Plain Sight- Awesome place to order custom decals for glass and ceramics

I would not be able to take risks and experiment in the ways that I am without the help of these generous businesses, so THANK YOU.