Much of the inspiration for my work comes from the natural world. I love flowers, plants and foliage and there is there is truly no better place to live that the PWN for lush, year-round greenery. I love getting out into the forest and mountains, even when the weather is less than ideal. Below are some images from a few recent hikes have taken into the North Cascades and Mt. Hood region of Oregon. 

XI: January Update

Hello 2018!! I currently have work in two separate exhibitions locally and will be part of a panel discussion at the Bellevue Art Museum this coming week! I am thrilled to be included in both of these shows alongside established and emerging artists from the region. 

Making our Mark / Bellevue Art Museum / November 10, 2017- April 15, 2018

"Making our Mark is a commemorative exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Pratt Fine Arts Center. Named after local civil rights leader Edwin T. Pratt and located in the historically diverse Central District of Seattle, the center has a mission to provide access to high quality visual arts training for all....

This exhibition is a collaboration between Bellevue Arts Museum and Pratt Fine Arts Center, and features work from nearly 300 talented teaching artists throughout the organization’s influential history. Both Bellevue Arts Museum and Pratt Fine Arts Center hold educational values at the core of their mission, and are dedicated to promoting emerging talent in art, craft, and design."

Nothing Compares to You / True Love Gallery / January 11- March 4, 2018

Nothing Compares to You is a mixed-media showcase featuring the work of more than thirty local artists. Come see glass and metal sculptural work alongside two dimensional pieces, all exploring ideas around love and intimacy. Curated by Ashley Perez."




X: Hot Pop

I have a small side project that I am really excited to share with you! HOT POP is a business that John and I started earlier this year. We have worked together to design a series of planters that are clean, modern, and super functional for any plant- loving individual.  Our planters are informed by an shared love and appreciation for design, horticulture and glass.

Not only do we enjoy making every planter by hand, but the process of finishing each with a different plant is equally fulfilling. We want to share with you as our business grows (get it!?), so follow us on Instagram for regular updates about HOT POP!


Lovely photos by Seattle based photographer Amanda Ringstad




IX: 2017 EAiRs

I am so honored to be an EAiR this year at Pilchuck Glass School! It has been an incredible residency so far and the best part has been getting to know the other artists I'm here with. They each have such a unique voice and are so much fun to spend time with. Do yourself a favor and check out their work!! 

Collin Bampton

Courtney Dodd

Morgan Gilbreath

Bryan McGovern Wilson


As I move further into this time at Pilchuck, I wanted to take the time to thank the different businesses that are helping me to make this time possible! Through their generous donations of supplies, I am able to work to my full potential during this residency!

I am thrilled to be sponsored by:

Angel Gilding-  Incredibly knowledgeable group of people who specialize in glass silvering kits

HIS Glassworks- Great place to look for any and all of your cold working needs

Reyzist - The BEST high-detail Photomasking film and sandblasting supply

Uroboros- Flat glass distributer with an incredible amount of variety and super helpful staff

In Plain Sight- Awesome place to order custom decals for glass and ceramics

I would not be able to take risks and experiment in the ways that I am without the help of these generous businesses, so THANK YOU. 

VII: EAiR Update

I have had an incredible couple of weeks as my residency at Pilchuck Glass School has gotten underway. I love having this opportunity explore new ideas and spend time in the North Cascades. I am taking advantage of this time to work through new techniques that would be hard to pursue at home in my Seattle studio.  

Here are a few works in progress....!


I'm happy to say that last week, I started my two-month long residency at Pilchuck Glass School. The Emerging Artist in Residence, or EAiR,  is awarded to six people each year and I feel so incredibly honored to be one of the 2017 recipients. I will be updating my blog weekly with images of ongoing projects and can't wait to introduce you to the five other talented artists I get to spend this time with.

For now, here are just a few images from this past week - now back to work!


V: Summer 2017

I chose to make a few photo grids to share my summer adventures! I had too many pictures to choose from and could not pair it down.

Photography has been a language I have been comfortable with since I was a teenager. Through many ups and downs, I have always come back to it as a home base, or safe place in my practice as an artist. I love the idea of documenting a life through images.

A photographic autobiography. 


IV: Beading

Last week, I was lucky enough to take a class at Pratt Fine Arts Center with master beader David Chatt. It was such an amazing experience and has really opened my eyes to the the art and history of beaded objects. David is an amazing teacher and was super patient with me (I was the only beginner in the class) as I learned the basics. 

I spend a lot of time teaching at Pratt and it was a great change of pace to be a student again! 

III: New Studio!

Last Fall, John and I had the opportunity to move into a studio together. Located on the south end of downtown Seattle, we are surrounded a diverse, international community, amazing food, and all around great location. We have put countless hours into renovating and cleaning the space and could not be more excited to have this new space to share with each other. 

II: Second Beach

Much of the inspiration for my work comes from time spent in nature. Last weekend, we spent four days on the Olympic Peninsula at Second Beach. Located in La Push, Washington, Second Beach is a secluded destination perfect for taking a little time away from the city. Living in Seattle is rewarding in so many ways, but perhaps the greatest reward is living so close to the Peninsula, where I've able to explore the landscapes, booming wildlife, and ocean tides.


Hi and thanks for checking out my blog! I'm excited to have a new place to share ideas, adventures, and inspiration with you. 

Earlier this summer, I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks at one of my favorite places, Pilchuck Glass School. Hidden deep in the foothills of the Cascades, attending a session at Pilchuck is like hitting the "reset" button, giving yourself the opportunity to stop, focus, and grow. This school has greatly impacted my studio practice and has provided me with numerous opportunities as i continue to develop my work. While there, I was surrounded by so many wonderful people, including my love, John Hogan, and one of our best friends, Alex Krueger.  Take a look at some photos from our time there and don't forget to check out their work!

John Hogan

Alex Krueger